De-stigmatizing Addiction with Amy Guerrero

Watch me speak with Amy Guerrero, Creator and Founder at Regroovin' about the stigma surrounding addiction and the definition of addiction. We speak on how addiction should be treated both physically and mentally and how as a practitioner I get to the root of the cause.

Amy offers personalized trauma informed coaching designed for you to live your life in recovery with freedom, fun and clarity in all areas of your recovered life.

Regroovin’ Life Coaching is unlike any lifestyle coaching because it is created it to help people INTEGRATE recovery and shine the light on the root of addictive escape, such as grief, trauma, and unhealthy relationships to reveal your true potential and purpose.  The Regroovin’  Life Coaching program will you discover your purpose to create the life you desire and go beyond surviving to thriving in all areas of life.

Learn more about how you can work with Amy to feel less anxiety, stress and confusion in your life in recovery here.